We highly recommend coming to the studio for a complimentary consultation before your session. Call to set up an appointment and we will sit down and help you plan what photos you’d like to do. We have lots of sample images to look at to help you decide the styles you like best and what to bring with you to personalize your photos.

Choosing the right clothing is an important part of creating the best senior portraits. As we all know certain styles make us look heavier and others can be more flattering. In general we suggest staying with more solid colors. Avoid large prints, plaids or stripes which draw the attention away from your face and are really distracting in portraits. Clothing with logos or words also should be avoided unless it’s your school logo. For girls, tops with sleeves usually are preferred as it seems all girls tend to think their arms look heavy in photos. Remember to dress from head to toe as you may want some full length photos. We suggest wearing darker shoes and socks in styles that match your outfits.

It’s always good to bring several outfits so you have lots to choose from. We can help you coordinate outfits with backgrounds. Be sure your clothing is ironed as wrinkles will show in photos!

When doing your makeup avoid using frosted colors or products with glitter that can reflect and change color under our studio lighting. We suggest neutral tones that are very well blended. Remember that all our photos include full retouching so you don’t have to worry about blemishes. Bring your makeup with you in case you need touchups. We do offer professional hair and makeup services by Amelia-C. hair and makeup styling must be booked in advance and for an additional fee.

Please avoid dramatic changes in hair style or color right before your portraits. For guys we suggest having your hair trimmed at least a week before your session and be sure to shave that day. Also avoid sunburns or excessive tanning right before your appointment.

We want your senior portraits to reflect what you are interesting in at this time in your life. You can bring in uniforms for school activities, sports teams, instruments, hobbies, collections or even your family pet. Whatever you are into now we can incorporate in your portraits for a more personal look.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us!